About Our T-Shirt Quilts & Bed Runners

T-shirt quilts are an amazing and sentimental way to create a quilt that can be treasured for years to come. They make great gifts for graduates, new parents, grandparents, and more!

Our best seller, t-shirt quilts are a great way to take 12 or more of your beloved t-shirts (along with your memories in those shirts) and turn them into a keepsake quilt. T-shirt quilts are great for:

  • Athletic T-Shirts
  • Baby Clothes
  • Favorite Team T-Shirts
  • Travel or Hobby T-Shirts


Layout & Design for T-Shirt Quilts

The sizes of your t-shirts and logos will determine the size of your finished quilt. When trimming the shirts, our goal is to center and preserve the logo intact if possible. Due to the nature of quilt design, we cannot accept t-shirts that have been cut or trimmed in any way.

The layout & design of your quilt will come from your individual preference and the number of t-shirts you want to use. Here are your options:



This design features identical square blocks meeting at all corners and the quilt is bound around the outer edges. There is no sashing (additional complimentary fabric) added between the blocks.

It’s a great design for any number of t-shirts, but especially if you have a large number of shirts to use, and would like a smaller sized quilt.



Single Sashing

Double Sashing


Adding sashing (single or double is available) to each t-shirt block is a great way to unify colors, define the blocks, and add a coordinating accent color. Sashing also helps increase the size of the quilt if you have a limited number of t-shirts to use.




A mosaic quilt is custom-designed and can feature a variety of t-shirt or logo sizes. These designs can take advantage of small, sleeve and pocket logos because the quilt blocks can vary in size and shape. You also have the choice to add a single sash to the overall quilt. If you want a truly unique t-shirt quilt, Mosaic is the right choice for you!  

No Sashing

Single Sashing



Our quilted bed runners offer a decorative touch to any bedroom. The approximate finished size is 24-28 inches wide by 88 inches long to fit across a variety of mattress sizes. We recommend 6 to 14 t-shirts for our bed runners. The fewer t-shirts you send, the more filler fabric we’ll need to use around each t-shirt block. 

You can select the Traditional Style, which features square blocks with outer binding. Or select the Mosaic Style, which features random size blocks with outer binding.

Bed runners make a great, budget-friendly gift for you or a loved one.